All classes will be focused on the original Balboa technique in contrast to contemporary Balboa. We offer 1 hour conference with Sylvia Sykes plus 4 hours of classes divided in 2 sessions of 2 hours each. All sessions will be conducted by Sylvia&Gloria also having Jon&Cris Kay as support teachers who will dance with the students and give feedback when students ask for it.

Groups will partner up so they won’t have any extra leaders or followers and students can always choose not to change partner during classes in case they prefer to exclusively work with their own dance partner.

Classes will have a maximum of 16 couples and will not be divided by level, but by languages, so there will be a Spanish speaking group and an English speaking group.


English group: Saturday from 15:30h to 17:30h and Sunday from 11h to 13h. plus Sylvia’s conference on Friday at 18:30h.

Spanish group: Saturday 11h to 13h and Sunday 15:30h to 17:30h plus Sylvia’s conference on Friday at 18:30h.

This schedule has been designed so there is time to digest the classes, relax and be able to enjoy the best of the parties. Also, the rhythm of the 2hours sessions will be quite intense.