Locations Feb

Back Bobby McGee’s to will take place in Barcelona city, in Gracia area in these locations:

Violeta: Carrer Maspons 6.

Aeroteca: Carrer Montseny 22.

For accommodation, the nearest Hotel for all Venues is La Casa del Sol that offers a discount for all registered participants. If you need help finding accommodation, please let us know. you need help finding accommodation, please let us know.


To move around Barcelona, you can buy a metro ticket T Casual for 11.35€ which contains 10 single trips. And if you combine bus and metro within 45 min you will only spend one trip fare.

If you are planning to travel to Barcelona by car, the easiest option is to ask at your hotel to book a parking space for you. There are also indoors and outdoors parking spaces where you can leave your car but they normally are a bit more expensive than the hotel ones. The cheapest option is to park in a free space close to Gracia area but i’ts hard to find. Also, we don’t advice you to use your car during the weekend if you are visiting the city or your accommodation is not in Gracia area.

From Barcelona airport you can take the metro, the train, the bus or a taxi and it will only take you between 20-35min to get to Barcelona center, except by metro, that will take you 1 hour. There is one train every 30 min and there are buses every 5 min but if you arrive at T1 you’ll need to take a free bus to T2 and then go to the train station. So, if your flight arrives at T1, we would advise you to take the bus to Barcelona center directly from there. From T1 you could also take the metro. Train will cost you 4.60€, metro 5.15€, bus 5.90€ and taxi around 25€ and 40€. Once you are in the center, you can get to the workshop by metro going to Fontana station (green line).