Parties April

Will have two evening parties at Balboa jams at Violeta de Gràcia with Sweet Shenanigans and pianist Marc Martín.


  • Saturday and Sunday: from 18:30h to 22h.

There will be no balboa jam on Friday evening but there are several places where you could go for swing dancing in Barcelona (check this calendar to find out).

To guarantee that everyone has maximum opportunities to dance, there will be NO competitions and a balanced number of leaders and followers in all parties. Therefore, coming just for social dancing is only possible if you sign up for the Party Pass with a dance partner or we are able to find you one. This Balboa event offers a balanced number of leaders and followers in all parties regardless gender and level. So, the role chosen in the registration, must be kept in all parties unless, you coordinate with your registered dance partner to switch role, so you are never doing the same role simultaneously.