Terms & Conditions April

Bal Swing Weekend will not accept any responsibility for any claim, loss or damage that may occur due to its participation.

Payment and Cancellation

Please note no refunds will be given in the event of canceling. If you register without a dance partner and we are able to assigned you one, once your registration is confirmed, you cannot register with a different partner unless your original partner cancels. Also, if you register with a dance partner that finally cannot come to the workshop, your registration could be canceled too.

Registration Policy

Bal Swing Weekend reserves the right of admission. Also, the role of leader or follower put in the registration form, must be kept not only in the classes, also in all parties unless you coordinate with your partner to switch role so you are never doing the same role simultaneously. The admissions committee reserves the right to cancel your registration and future registration requests in case this policy is not respected. Once your registration is confirmed, it won’t be possible to change level before or during the workshop unless you or your dance partner are asked to by our level committee during the weekend.

Photo/Video Release Form

I hereby give permission for images of myself, captured during regular activities, at the Bal Swing Weekend (held April 18-19th, 2020), through video, photo, and digital camera to be used by Barcelona Balboa Weekend for promotional material and video distribution, and waive any rights of compensation or ownership thereto.

Footwear Policy

It is completely forbidden to put any talc or powder of any kind to the dance floor during the workshop without asking permission at the front desk. Also, if your shoes sole has any talc powder, you won’t be able to continue dancing unless you change your dance shoes to a clean sole. Cleaning the sole shoe could be a solution only in case you are wearing a hard-varnished sole (all the other kinds of soles like suede absorbs the talc powder and keep releasing talc powder after the first cleared).