We offer a total of 14 hours of classes: 6 hours of individual content, 3 more of discussion-based content plus 5 more hours of couple content.


  • Historical anecdotes.
  • Contemporary anecdotes.
  • Inclusivity in the Balboa scene.

Individual content classes:

  • Improvisation (Bobby White): we’ll work on the skill of unadulterated, unfiltered, improvisational Balboa movement.
  • Step to the beat: Rhythms and Directions (Jon&Cris Kay): designed to help you to move and be creative. We will work on different rhythms to develop your own personality in the dance while adding color to your movement.
  • Berlin 1936 (Gloria Garcia): expand your movement repertoire, improve the quality of your movement and be more expressive in your dancing using Laban training. 
  • Teachers Training (Gloria Garcia): an introduction to new methodologies for teaching Balboa looking for better and more efficient results in all levels.
  • How to make movement interesting (Gio Olla): we’ll work with some ideas to change up steps and make them more interesting.
  • Build Your Own Balboa (Mel&Jo Calanglang): through training drills we’ll prepare and strengthen our bodies so we are more able to dance instinctively to the music.

Couple content classes:

  • Balboa Body Control (Bobby White): we’ll master the skill of body support and awareness, so that our bodies will love us and do what we ask them to. 
  • Where or When? Playing with Time and Rhythm (Jon&Cris Kay): we will play with changing the “key” moments, timing and rhythms in some classic movements to add a bit of spice to our dance.   
  • Developing your own couple style (Gloria Garcia): we’ll work on Balboa movement dynamics to help you find the type of quality of movement that suits you better as a dance couple.
  • How to play with PureBal Rhythms (Gio Olla): new ways to develop rhythms in PureBal without learning choreography.
  • Feelings (Mel&Jo Calanglang): understanding and working with your partner’s connection, flow, weight distribution to create a dynamic partner energy in balboa and swing.

Access to all contents will be trough private YouTube and all in English with the option of automatic subtitles in any language.

If you also wish to get personal feedback, you can register to have a private session with one of the teachers.