We offer 2 open classes on friday for all levels plus 4 hours of classes divided in 2 sessions of 2 hours each. Saturday and Sunday, students will have a morning session at 11am one day and an afternoon session at 3pm the other day, having only one session of two hours per day. All sessions will also have a minimum of two support teachers who will dance with the students and give feedback only in case students ask for it.

This schedule has been designed so there is time to visit the city of Barcelona and enjoy the parties. Also the rhythm of the 2hours sessions will be quite intense. Students get the final schedulle a few days before the workshop.


The levels will be divided in groups of maximum 16 couples.

  • Intermediate: you have mastered leading or following single time and double time basics, come around, paddles and crab walks, in and outs, throw outs, lollies and swivels. Also you are comfortable dancing between 200 and 220 bits per minut.
  • Advanced: if you are eager to get into cutting edge complex pure bal and bal swing movement patterns, refine you technique and work on your individual expression and creativity.

Groups will partner up so they won’t have any extra leaders or followers. Also there will be no auditions and students can always choose not to change partner during classes in case they prefer to exclusively work whith their dance partner.

If you have a regular dance partner and are interested in doing a whole week of classes and parties, you could come a few days before the weekend and make it from Monday to Sunday. You would be in a different location by the beach near Barcelona until thursday and only practice with your dance partner during classes. This week formula is designed for dance couples from different Balboa levels working as a multilevel group. If you need more info about this formula, please contact us, as this website is only for the weekend.