Next Barcelona Balboa Weekend will be the 18-20th October 2019, registrations will open in March.

And before that, we also have these couple of local workshops:

Pure Bal Weekend 6-7th April 2019 with Jacob&Gloria and Jon&Cris.

Bal Swing Weekend 6-7th July 2019 with Gio&Gloria and Jon&Cris.

All schedules are designed so there is time to visit the city of Barcelona and enjoy the parties, also having the opportunity to get individual feedback in class as there will be 2 extra teachers per group.

These are unusual events that try to keep an equal number of leaders and followers in all parties. So for those who are used to role switching in their regular balboa scene, if you like to come to these events, you need to pick a role, regardless gender, and stick to it for the whole weekend.

We are also preparing a week formula for dance couples interested in making a whole week from the 14th october 2019.

Please contact us if you need more info regarding the local workshops or the week formula.